Use Google Sheets or Excel Online with Jira

Export your Jira issues to Google Sheets or Excel Online (Microsoft Office 365) and keep them up-to-date in real-time

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Boost Productivity By Empowering Your Team

Collaborate with non-Jira users using spreadsheets. Share Jira data and reports securely with anybody in your organization directly out of Jira.

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Share, View & Update

Work Smarter by Integrating Spreadsheets with Jira

Never copy and paste or worry again about data not being in-sync in your latest spreadsheet reports. Optionally, enable changes in a Google Sheets to flow back into Jira.

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Features In Detail

Google Sheets Integration

Bidirectional Jira - Google Sheets Synchronization

Fully Configurable Exports

Excel Online Integration

Right Inside Excel Online (Microsoft Office 365)

Export Jira Issues to Excel

“I have subscribed for this addon, which really moves my reporting needs to a total new dimension! This tool rocks, and I have pulled a pretty advanced company wide reporting thanks to your hard work.”

Gabor Braun, CTO


How to Install Google Sheets Intergration for Jira

Obtain Google API key and then everybody will be ready to
export any issue searches to Google Sheets with a few
simple mouse clicks.

See Support page

How to Install Excel Online Integration for Jira

This add-on is easy to install. Obtain the Microsoft Excel
Online API key then everybody will be ready to export any issue searches to Excel Online with a few simple mouse clicks.

See Support page


If you repeatedly need to export data from Jira to your spreadsheets, our integration products are for you.

Once setup, exporting data becomes a breeze, always in-sync, everyone who you provide permissions can easily create their own exports. Our products are the most complete, most convenient, and provide the highest degree of automation.

Unlike other solutions, ours works straight out of Jira. No tinkering in the spreadsheet itself required.

First, install the add-on in Jira Cloud, Server or Datacenter. Then obtain the Google Sheets or Excel Online API keys. You may need to follow a few configuration steps:

Google Sheets steps

Excel Online steps

After that, simply upload the obtained key on the Add-on configuration page and you are ready for your first export.

API calls to Google Sheets and Excel Online are free. There will not be any additional charges. 

However, there are time-based API call limits. For example, if you have a large Jira instance with many real-time updates going to Google Sheets you may need to increase the API call limit. Increasing the API limit is free.

For more details see this documentation page.

Excel has a much higher API call limit, increasing it will rarely be necessary.

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