Why move from free app Jira Cloud for Sheets to paid Google Sheets Integrations by Mobility Stream

In the middle of summer 2022 Atlassian made a surprise announcement. They are killing their app Jira Cloud for Sheets. Only a 3 month notice.

Thousands of companies depend on Jira Cloud for Sheets for reporting and more.

If you no longer believe that Atlassian is serious about supporting Jira Cloud for Sheets then read below and consider our app Google Sheets Integration for Jira.

We have been building Jira apps since 2012. Google Sheets Integration since 2017. Startups to large organizations such as Apple, the US Government and Honda trust our Jira apps. 

Atlassian announced to kill Jira Cloud for Sheets app

Timeline: August 15, 2022 killing the app -> August 15-19, 2022 user revolt -> August 19, 2022 changed mind

"After much consideration, we've decided to deprecate the Jira Cloud for Google Sheets app due to low usage. …You can keep using it for now but it will cease to function on Nov 15, 2022."

“Based on your feedback, we’ve reversed our earlier decision and will continue to maintain, run and evolve the application as we were prior to the announcement.”

Jira Cloud for Sheets' users reaction to the announcement

“This is extremely upsetting 🙁 I can't even begin to describe the amount of work this is going to cause me!”

“This is disappointing. 🙁 Could there be other features added to it - of course! But taking it away completely, without an approved Atlassian method just plain sucks; especially since it took me some time to fight for the extension to be added to our Google Sheets with our Google Work Suite Admin and security Admin.”

“No! Please reconsider! This is extremely valuable on my end. This integration has helped me and my team to get all our processes and tracking streamlined! :(“

Comments from this Atlassian Community page.

What makes Google Sheets Integration better than Jira Cloud for Sheets

Enterprise level app

Need to export 30,000 issues. No problem. There are no limitations for real-time exports and each instance can export up to 50,000 issues for one-time exports. While the administrator has control over who can create export and where Google Sheets workspace data can be exported to.

An example of the additional productivity and admin tools you get with Google Integration.

Roadmap for constant improvement

Here are some of the things we are working on:

  • Export full data sets such as Projects, Components, Sprints, Users, etc into separate tabs

  • Export form data, assets data, and data from selected Jira apps

  • Create issues directly in Google Sheets

  • Report templates

  • Connect Google Sheets Integration more easily to your personal and corporate accounts


Atlassian only kept Jira Cloud for Sheets running after a user revolt. They are unlikely to allocate the resources needed to improve it.


Were help clients no matter how complex the need.

Good luck getting support from a free Atlassian app if your problem is even a bit complicated.


Jira Cloud for Sheets

Google Sheets Integration
(Cloud, Data Center and Server)

Permissions within Jira



Administrator chooses directly in Jira who can see the exported data.

Users are able to view or edit only the sheets you allow them to. Options are by users, groups, domain users or anyone with link.


Native Jira marketplace app



Export from within Jira



Status counts available



Exports can be audited



Real time exports



Whenever a Jira issue is updated, the change is automatically shown in Google Sheets.

Exports can be audited



Administrators can see all exports created by any user in the system. Includes used filter, export type, last update, and link to exported sheet.

Works with Jira Data Center



Works with Jira Server



Bi-directional update



By installing the corresponding free Google Sheets add-on by MobilityStream, issue edits can be synced back to Jira automatically.

Reference data


Coming soon

Data such as projects, users, status, change history, releases and sprints will be exported to a separate tab.

Transfer to different Google account



Large exports (over 5,000 issues)

With complex workaround


Work log data

Aggregated per issue


Fine grained on separate tab


Export target

Personal Google Accounts

Personal and company Google Accounts


User name and password

Google Sheets API key


Google Workplace Marketplace

Atlassian Marketplace and optional Google Workplace Marketplace


Google Workplace app to Jira REST API

Jira app to Google Sheets API

JQL and filters



Function in cell



Ad-hoc export



Scheduled export


Yes for Data Center and Server, Cloud coming soon

Last feature update

June 2020


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